Are You Hard on Yourself?

Most people are incredibly hard on themselves every day. With extreme expectations, people routinely roast themselves under a grill; about what they could have done, what they should have done or what they could do better.

We live in a world where even the greatest achievements are seen as not enough and you should always strive to have more or increase your status. It’s not surprising people don’t feel good enough.

The ironic twist of this is that if you are someone who is hard on yourself, you are also very likely someone who consistently tries their best.

Would you ever expect the people you love to do more than the best they can?

Give yourself a break.

Love yourself as you love others.

You are not a robot.

You are not a machine.

You are a human.

You deserve a break.

Seriously, take it right now.


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Things I Personally Recommend

Many clinical studies have been done linking Vitamin D deficiency to depression and anxiety.

I regularly take this type and find it to be very helpful.

Keep Fighting. Stay Strong.

George Mason :-)

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